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Proctors should use AIR's sandbox environment to simulate test day and get hands-on experience administering the digital tests in the SAT Suite of Assessments.


Practice Now

When to Practice

Practice after you've completed the required training and before the preadministration session (if your school will conduct one). Preadministration sessions save time on test day—and give students a chance to become familiar with the test interface.

How to Practice

  1. Pair up with a colleague so you can take turns playing the student role.
  2. Sign in to the TA Interface Practice Site using your TA Interface username and password.
  3. Start a digital test session.
  4. Ask your colleague to open the secure browser on their testing device (recommended) and click Take the Digital Test Preview or go directly to the Student Digital Test Preview.
  5. Ask your colleague to sign in as a guest student and enter the session ID displayed on your TA Interface Practice screen.
    Tip: Adjust the test settings to become familiar with the test experience of an accommodated student.
  6. Follow the detailed instructions for the proctor-guided scenario in the Digital Test Preview Guide (.pdf/2.34 MB).

During the preadministration session, you'll take similar steps with real students in the TA Interface.

Group Training

Coordinators: Consider inviting all proctors to a group practice session in which one proctor administers the test and projects their screen while everyone else plays a student role.