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We provide free training to all test day staff through our online learning system so they'll know how to run a successful, secure digital test administration. Training is required for all test day staff except monitors.

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Practice Giving the Test

Get hands-on experience in AIR's sandbox environment and learn how to administer tests. Go to Test Administration Practice.

Time Commitment

Staff complete the training at their own pace; they don’t have to finish in one sitting. The total training time is about three or four hours for test coordinators and SSD coordinators, and about one hour for other test day staff.

Training opens about six weeks before test day. Test coordinators will get an email with instructions when it's available.

We require everyone in these roles to complete their test administration training at least two weeks before test day:

  • Test coordinators
  • Proctors
  • Technology coordinators
  • SSD coordinators


  • Four weeks before test day: Test coordinators and SSD coordinators complete TIDE training.
  • Four weeks before test day: Technology coordinators review technical readiness resources.
  • Two weeks before test day: Test coordinators, proctors, and SSD coordinators complete administrator training.

What You'll Learn

The training courses give you an overview of everything you'll need to know and do to administer digital tests, including:

  • Digital testing policies
  • Technical requirements
  • Space and equipment needs
  • The role of the technology coordinator
  • Hardware, software, network, and security requirements

Recommended Courses for Paper Testing

It's a good idea to complete these essential topics in training for paper testing because you might have to administer a paper makeup test or use paper to test students with disabilities:

  • Room requirements and arrangement
  • Receiving and storing testing materials
  • Delivering the test
  • Materials handoff
  • Packing and retuning answer sheets
  • Makeup test ordering
  • Training staff