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Proctors use the TA Interface to administer the digital tests and monitor the test session. Test day scripts guide proctors every step of the way, but practice can increase their readiness and confidence.

There are three opportunities for proctors to find out what it’s like to administer a digital test on the TA Interface.

1. Solo Practice: Interactive Simulation

Start by clicking through a simulation on your own. You won't need to sign in but you will be prompted to enter an email address to accept the terms and conditions.

Try the TA Interface simulation

2. Paired Practice: Sandbox Environment

For a more realistic experience, find a partner to play the student role. Get hands-on experience in the Cambium Assessment, Inc.™ (CAI) sandbox environment.

Coordinators: consider inviting all proctors to a group practice session instead. One proctor can administer the test and project their screen while everyone else plays a student role.

  1. Sign in to the TA Interface Practice Site. If you don't have an access email from CAI, ask your coordinator to give you an account.
  2. Start a digital test session.
  3. Ask your colleague to open the secure browser on their testing device (recommended). Click Take the Digital Test Preview or go directly to the Student Digital Test Preview.
  4. Ask your colleague to sign in as a guest user and enter the session ID displayed on your TA Interface Practice screen.
    Tip: To learn what it's like to take an accommodated test, your colleague can adjust the test settings.
  5. Follow the detailed instructions for the proctor-guided scenario in the Digital Test Preview Guide (.pdf/1.6 MB).

3. Group Practice: Preadministration Session

If your school has a preadministration session, you'll use the TA Interface before test day when you guide students through the questionnaire.