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Test coordinators have a lot to keep track of. We're here to help.

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Working in the Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE)

Test coordinators use TIDE to create and manage user accounts for test day staff, adjust test settings for accommodations, create optional roster templates, and print test tickets.

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User Accounts

About two weeks before test day, test coordinators should set up TA Interface user accounts for proctors so they can practice administering a test using the TA Interface Practice Site. Cambium Assessment, Inc.™ (CAI) will email TA Interface users a link to their account.

Test Tickets

Test tickets include the information students need to sign in to the secure browser and take the test. They’ll also need this information during the preadministration session to access the student questionnaire.

Before the preadministration session, on or before test day, coordinators should print students' tickets from TIDE and store them securely.

Student Rosters

Test coordinators have the option of creating student rosters in TIDE. Many schools use the roster feature to list which students are assigned to each testing room and to print test tickets by room.

Session Monitoring

Test coordinators can make sure everything's progressing smoothly on test day without walking from room to room. Just use TIDE's session monitoring dashboard to check the progress of every live test session at your school.

At-a-Glance Test Coordinator Checklist

Print this checklist (PDF)

4 Weeks Before the Test

  • Complete all required TIDE training.
  • Recruit staff members to assist with test day.
  • Set up a TIDE account for the SSD coordinator.
  • Estimate how many testing rooms you’ll need.
  • Meet with school administration to minimize test day distractions, plan a pre- and posttest meeting place for students, and plan students' lunch break.
  • Check that rooms meet all requirements—especially wireless access strength (if applicable).
  • Confirm that student and staff devices meet system requirements.
  • Plan a preadministration session.

2 Weeks Before the Test

3–5 Days Before the Test

  • Encourage proctors to practice giving the test.
  • Print room rosters and test tickets.
  • Organize all testing materials (e.g., seating charts, manuals) by room.
  • Make sure students, faculty, and computers are ready for the test.
  • Put up signs telling students when and where to check in for the test.
  • Make sure enough restrooms will be available.

On Test Day

  • Confirm that student devices are configured and powered.
  • Review duties with staff and hand out room packets.
  • Check students in.
  • Oversee the test administration. Perform all posttest duties.
  • Use TIDE's session monitoring dashboard to check test progress
  • Report irregularities if needed.
  • Return test day materials if needed.

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