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On test day, proctors are responsible for administering the digital tests and monitoring the test session.

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Test Administration Practice

Learn how to use the TA Interface Practice Site together with the Student Digital Test Preview to practice administering digital tests.

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Prepping Student Devices

Each student device should display the secure browser sign-in page before students arrive on test day. Students must stay in the secure browser for the entire test.

Opening a Testing Session

Before students can begin testing, the proctor needs to open a testing session in the TA Interface and give students the session ID. Students then enter the ID and the information on their test ticket to join the session.

It's important to make sure every student who asks to enter the testing session is on that room’s roster before approving them in the system.

Beginning the Test

After all students join the testing session, the proctor must click "approve all students" to officially begin the test. The secure browser will automatically begin timing the section.