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Upcoming Events

JANUARY 27, 2023

Fall Digital PSAT 8/9 Testing Closes

FEBRUARY 21, 2023

Spring Digital PSAT 8/9 Testing Opens

Section Topics

Roles and Responsibilities

Find out who needs to help before and during the test and what they need to do.

Read more about Roles and Responsibilities

Coordinator To-Dos

Get a week-by-week rundown of what you need to do before test day.

Read more about Coordinator To-Dos

Room Setup

Learn how to select and set up digital testing rooms.

Read more about Room Setup

Proctor Practice

Learn what it’s like to administer a test using the TA Interface.

Read more about Proctor Practice

Preadministration Sessions

Students complete a questionnaire and practice navigating the test.

Read more about Preadministration Sessions

Administering Digital Tests

Find out what's involved when using the TA Interface to give a digital test.

Read more about Administering Digital Tests

English Learner Supports

Learn about extended time and approved dictionaries. Get translated test directions.

Read more about English Learner Supports