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One of the most effective ways to feel relaxed and confident on test day is to practice.

As with all tests, you should practice answering questions on the subject matter you'll be tested on, but with the digital tests, you should also practice interacting with the test and using the online tools.

Practicing Academic Skills

The digital tests measure the same skills and knowledge as the paper tests, so you can prepare for them the same way you’d prepare for the paper versions:

Navigating the Digital Tests

You can click around in the Student Digital Test Preview anytime, from any computer, to get comfortable with the digital environment. You'll see how the questions will appear, how to answer them, and how to use the online tools.

Preview the Digital Test Now

Try Out the Universal Toolset

All students are able to access these online tools:

  • Mark for review: Lets you flag questions to review later.
  • Calculator: Available onscreen for calculator-allowed questions.
  • Notepad: For digital note-taking (you'll also get scratch paper).
  • Highlighter: Available for marking text, questions, and answer options.
  • Line reader: Helps you keep your place as you read.
  • Strikethrough: Lets you cross out answer options.
  • Zoom: Magnifies what's on screen.

During the test, all students will have access to a digital clock that counts down the time left for each section and alerts students five minutes before time is up. This clock isn't visible in the student preview.

Practice Using Assistive Technology

If you're approved to use any assistive technology tools on test day, you'll be able to test them out in the preview. This is particularly useful if you’re approved to use a screen reader or text-to-speech.