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Find out the dos and don'ts of digital.

Do Bring

  • Pens or pencils—for scratch work.
  • Earphones, if testing with certain assistive technology devices.

Don't Bring

Leave these items in your locker unless you have an approved accommodation to bring them:

  • Phones, cameras, timers, MP3 players, digital or smartwatches, or any other electronic items that can be used to record or communicate.
  • Any laptop, notebook, tablet, or other computing device not owned by the school.
  • Highlighters or colored pencils.
  • Dictionaries, pamphlets, or other books.

Recommended Items

  • Acceptable calculator (for the Math Test – Calculator portion of the test only). All students will be able to use the online calculator during the test.
  • A watch with no audible alarm or communications/recording capabilities.
  • Snacks and drinks (for the breaks).
  • Extra batteries and a backup calculator.

Sending SAT Scores

If you take the SAT, you can select four colleges to receive your score report for free. Just indicate your chosen colleges on the questionnaire you fill out before or on test day.

You also have about a week after the test to tell us where to send your free score reports by logging in to your College Board online account. After that, there's a fee to send scores.

Eligible students can send unlimited score reports to colleges for free at any time.

Learn more about sending scores to colleges.

Hearing from Colleges

If you're taking the SAT or PSAT 10, you can connect with colleges and scholarship programs looking for students like you. Just opt in to Student Search Service® when you complete the pretest questionnaire or when you sign in to your College Board account.

Learn more about Student Search Service.