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January 27, 2023

Fall Digital PSAT 8/9 Testing Closes

February 21, 2023

Spring Digital PSAT 8/9 Testing Opens

Quick Facts

  • District test coordinators are responsible for student registration.
  • The digital SAT, PSAT 10, and PSAT 8/9 are the same tests students take on paper, with the same score reports, personalized practice, and other benefits.
  • They are delivered on the popular Cambium Assessment, Inc.™ (CAI) testing platform.
  • The flexible CAI platform makes testing easier and less stressful for students with disabilities.

Best Practices for District Test Coordinators

4 Weeks Before the Test
2 Weeks Before the Test
  • checkmark Help school coordinators prepare for accommodated testing.
  • checkmark Check in with your schools about their preparations.

    Make sure staff have completed the required training and the technical readiness evaluation.
  • checkmark Upload a new bulk registration file if needed.

    Submit an update if you need to correct data or add students.
3–5 Days Before the Test
  • checkmark Upload your final bulk registration file if needed.

    Submit an update if you need to correct data or add students.
  • checkmark Tell schools how to make sure new students can test.

    Let school coordinators know how to contact you if they need to add new students the day before the test.
1 Day Before the Test
  • checkmark Add and move students in TIDE if needed.

    To make last-minute changes, follow the instructions below.

    How to Add and Move Students in TIDE

    Use this feature only if it's too late to upload a new bulk registration file—on test day or the day before. Initial bulk registration files are required through the bulk registration tool.
    1. Open the Add Students form in TIDE.
      To find the Add Students form, log in to TIDE, navigate to Preparing for Testing, and open the Students menu.
    2. Provide the student's demographic information.
      Be sure to choose the correct test from the Administration drop-down menu before clicking Save.
      TIDE's Add Students screen with the demographics section expanded to show where district coordinators enter information about a new student.
    3. Click Continue to add the next student.
      You should see a pop-up window with the student's name and ID.

    Troubleshooting tips

    • Double-check your data for mistakes.
    • Make sure the student didn't already have a record at the school you added them to.
    • If service was down, try again later.
    • If you can't solve the problem on your own, call 855-373-6387.
    1. Search for the student you want to move.
      To find the search tool, log in to TIDE, open the Students menu, and select View/Edit/Export Students.

      TIP: The student's first and last names are optional, but the student's old school is required.
    2. Move the student.
      In the search results, check the box next to the student's name and click the Move to Other School button.
      TIDE screen showing search results and the Move to Other School button.
    3. Choose the student's new school.
      In the pop-up window, select a school from the drop-down menu. Click Yes.
    4. Click Continue to move the next student.
      You should see a pop-up window confirming the move.


See more FAQs.

As a district test coordinator, you're responsible for using bulk registration to register students. You can also use TIDE to add or move students at the last minute.

School coordinators are responsible for everything else, from device setup and accommodated test settings to test administration.

Read about school-level roles.

If your schools are giving digital tests, you'll receive a TIDE access email from CAI. If you didn't receive one or need help using TIDE, contact us.

Use bulk registration to upload a file with student information. Learn more about bulk registration.

For now, schools need to place their own orders on the test ordering site, but you can see a summary of school orders on your test ordering dashboard.

Schools need to place their orders about 5 weeks before the week they plan to test. View ordering deadlines.

Yes, we email school test coordinators when training is available to them and their testing staff. District coordinators should watch the implementation webinar and the short video about adding and moving students in TIDE.