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We deliver the digital SAT, PSAT 10, and PSAT 8/9 using the American Institutes for Research (AIR) test delivery system, which includes multiple applications.

AIR Applications

These applications work together to ensure a smooth and secure test administration.

Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE)

Test coordinators use TIDE throughout the testing process—to manage staff and student information, monitor test progress, and perform administrative functions.

Sign In to TIDE

Test Administration (TA) Interface

Proctors use the TA Interface to administer and monitor the test on test day.

Sign In to the TA Interface

CB Secure Browser

The CB Secure Browser is the student testing application used for the preadministration session as well as testing. It prevents students from using other applications and from copying test information.

If your school already uses AIR’s TIDE system and secure browser, you still need to install the CB Secure Browser on all test-taker devices.

Install the CB Secure Browser

Digital Test Practice

To practice administering digital tests, proctors should use the TA Interface Practice Site. Students can practice navigating the test and using the available tools in the Student Digital Test Preview.

Each site can be used independently, but we recommend also using them together to hold a test-day simulation and practice allowing students into the testing session.

Learn how to practice giving digital tests.

Student Tools

When students take the test, they'll be able to use these tools.

  • Clock: Counts down the time left for each section and gives a five-minute warning. Can be hidden.
  • Mark for review: Allows students to flag questions for later review.
  • Calculator: Available on-screen for calculator-allowed questions.
  • Notepad: For digital note-taking; students also receive scratch paper.
  • Highlighter: Available for making text, questions, and answer options.
  • Line reader: Uses highlighting to guide students as they read.
  • Strikethrough: Allows students to eliminate answer options.
  • Zoom in/zoom out: Enlarges the text and images on a test page.

Find out which additional tools are available for students approved to test with accommodations.