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Your school's test coordinator, proctors, and test takers each need a school-owned device.

Test Coordinator Computer

Your school's test coordinator needs a dedicated computer with access to TIDE to organize test activities and adjust student settings before and during test day.

Proctor Computers

Each testing room needs a dedicated computer with access to the TA Interface. The proctor will use the computer to administer the test.

Student Test-Taking Devices

Students take the test by accessing the secure browser. You'll need to configure one school-owned computer or iPad for each student.

Screen Dimensions and Resolution

All devices must meet these requirements:

  • Dimensions: 10" or larger (with the exception of iPads, which can have a 9.7" display; Apple iPad Minis can't be used.)
  • Minimum Resolution: 1024 x 768. Larger resolutions can be applied as appropriate for the monitor or screen being used.

Depending on screen size, students may need to use vertical or horizontal scroll bars to view all test-related information. Students may also use the zoom tool to enlarge the content on the screen.

Power Source

We strongly recommend that all computers are connected to a power source, but at a minimum, all test-taking devices must be able to hold a charge for up to five hours.

Backup Device

If possible, place a backup device in each testing room; if there’s a technical issue on test day, the student can switch devices immediately and lose less testing time.

Device Setup

Configure devices as described on these pages: