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We've designed the digital tests so all students can take them, including those who need accommodations.

The Request and Approval Process Is the Same

Just as with paper tests, SSD coordinators should go to SSD Online to request accommodations for their students with documented disabilities. It may take up to seven weeks to receive approval, so submit requests as early as you can.

Some Accommodations Are Different

Some digital accommodations differ for digital testing because there are no paper testing materials. For example, students approved for large-print test books can take the digital test with an increased font size. All students can use the zoom function. Learn more about digital alternatives.

Accommodated Testing Needs to Be Set Up Before Test Day

Work with your SSD coordinator to configure settings in the testing platform. Learn how at Delivering Digital Tests with Accommodations.

Paper Testing Materials Must Be Requested

If you're giving the PSAT 8/9 to students with accommodations that require paper testing materials, you'll need to order them on the test ordering website. For other tests, follow the instructions provided in your school's training materials or by your department of education.

College Board Approval Is Required for College Reportable SAT Scores

SAT test takers whose accommodations are approved by College Board can report their scores to colleges. Students who take the SAT with accommodations allowed by their state but not approved by College Board cannot.

Only Students with Similar Accommodations May Test Together

Students with the same timing and break accommodations may test in the same room, as long as they don't have other accommodations that could disturb other students.