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When it comes to scores, there's almost no difference between digital and paper tests.

What’s the Same?

Score Scale and Structure

There’s no difference between the way we score digital tests and the way we score paper tests. A score of 1100 on a digital test is the same as a score of 1100 on a paper test.

Score Reports

Students and educators receive digital test scores the same way they receive paper test scores: through the online student score report and the K–12 score reporting portal. For the PSAT 8/9 and PSAT 10, schools also get a paper score report to share with their students.

We'll send an email to educators and students letting them know when scores are ready. Students who haven't given us their email address should talk to their school counselor to find out when their scores are available. Exact timing varies by test day.

Colleges Everywhere Accept SAT Scores

Students who take the digital SAT can send their scores to colleges (unless they take the test with accommodations approved by their state but not by College Board).

Colleges will get students' digital SAT scores the same way they receive paper test scores; there won’t be any indication of how students took the test.

What’s Different?

Hand score verification isn’t available to digital test takers. This service is irrelevant because students submit their responses through their secure testing computer instead of marking an answer sheet in pencil. Read more about score verification.

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