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The following policies apply to all digital test administrations.

Participation, Scheduling, and Registration

  • You can administer a digital test to all students in a single day or test groups of students on different days within a testing window.
  • All students must complete all sections of the test in one day unless they have an approved accommodation to extend testing time beyond a day.
  • Bulk registration coordinators must upload files with student information. Bulk registration is easy and saves time.
  • Unless they have accommodations stating otherwise, all students take the test digitally.

Staffing and Training

All schools need designated test coordinators, technology coordinators, and other staff to help with digital test administration. Free, required training is available through our online learning system about six weeks before test day. Test coordinators get an email with instructions when it's available. Learn more about roles and responsibilities.


Digital testing is fully accessible to all students. Although the accommodations themselves may differ, the request and approval process is the same as the one for paper testing. Learn more about accommodations and digital testing.


Digital test administrations have different seating requirements than administrations using paper tests. For example, with digital testing, we recommend using partitions between students. Read more about setting up digital testing rooms.

Testing Devices

The only devices students are allowed to use to take the digital tests are school-owned laptops, desktops, iPad, and Chromebooks. They can't use smartphones or any other device not listed here. Learn more about computer requirements.


For the parts of the tests that allow calculators, students will have access to the Desmos online calculator. They can also bring their own, if it's on our list of approved calculators, but they can't share it with other test takers.